Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sheffield: handheld at 3am

The early hours of Sunday morning are perhaps the most pathetic part of the week if you're trying to get anywhere. Somewhere between derigging a hall at 1.00-2.30am and 7.30 when Sheffield train station opened I managed to avoid the small gangs of exuberant clubbers staggering home and found peace in Sheffield's dark side streets far away from those left twitching in the cold waiting for services to resume.

Sheffield, Sheaf Square

Cutlers' Hall, Church Street
Holly Street cornered with Trippet Lane

Townhead Street

Paradise Square

Sheffield Cathedral
East Parade

As beautiful as this Stainless steel bench may be I'd had enough of dodging other nocturnal groups by around 5am and was ready to give in to the lure of Mcdonalds, where much to my surprise, after not seeing a single policeman all night the Force demonstrated their stealth like qualities by threatening a 15 strong gang of wild chip fighters over the public address system, "unless all of you leave immediately we'll come over and get you" (Voice of the law, Mcdonalds, 21.10.12)